TAC-Pulse ERS helps a very grateful Hoopstad heart attack victim.

A 64-year-old Hoopstad resident, Mrs. Margaritha Coetzee had suffered a myocardial infarction (heart attack) and needed to be urgently transported from Hoopstad Medi-Care Clinic to Life Rosepark Hospital in Bloemfontein. Our 24hr Dispatch Centre immediately dispatched a TAC-Pulse ERS, Advanced Life Support crew consisting of Mr. Xolani Mpanza, Ms. Leandre Botha, and Mr. David Tabile in our Mobile ICU Ambulance to assist.

The medics ensured they gave Mrs. Coetzee the highest level of care during the long, one and a half hour journey to Bloemfontein and made sure she was comfortable at all times. Upon handover at Life Rosepark Hospital, the doctors there remarked at the excellent level of care given to Mrs. Coetzee during her transportation.

Our Relationships Manager just got off the phone with Mrs. Coetzee who told him she was recovering well and had been moved from high care into a regular ward and expected to be home in a few days. Upon enquiring as to the level of care she received from TAC-Pulse ERS, she replied, ” I want to thank, from the bottom of my heart, those three (3) paramedics who looked after me. I felt so safe in their hands and cannot express how grateful I am to them!”

TAC-Pulse ERS continues to wish Mrs. Coetzee a speedy recovery and sincerely thank her for her kind and positive comments. Another job excellently and sensitively executed by Xolani, Leandre, and David. Well done guys, we are so proud of you!