Just before 18:00 tonight, a member of Toy’s Towing Services in Wolmaransstad, witnessed a head-on collision on the N12 just outside Bloemhof towards Wolmaransstad.

The exact cause of the accident is not known, but the one vehicle was a Bloemhof Fire Department vehicle. Bloemhof SAPS were on scene to investigate.

Bloemhof EMRS responded to the scene and arrived within minutes to initiate rescue efforts in extricating 2 firemen from the vehicle. Another fireman was ejected from the vehicle and found laying a few meters away.

All 3 patients were transported to a local clinic for stabilisation. Sadly, the driver of the other vehicle sustained fatal injuries and was later declared deceased after the body was extricated from the vehicle.

TP02 and TP04 responded from Wolmaransstad to support the treatment efforts and transport them to various facilities in Klerksdorp for a higher level of care.

Two of the firemen were provided with Advanced Life Support interventions and rapidly transported. Big thank you to the driver of Toy’s Towing that initiated scene control and dispatched the relevant resources.

Great working with Bloemhof EMRS!